Leadership We Can Trust - Lorena Corona


 Dear Fontana families, 

Over 40,000 students depend on the Fontana Unified School District for effective, innovative, and safe educational opportunities. During my short term as a board member, I have committed my efforts to implement policies that promote the success of all students. I am pleased to report that we have been able to improve attendance, graduation rate and college readiness, increase community partnerships and parents’ engagement, reinforce leadership and professional development of staff, and grow our career and technical education programs. 
The next four years look bright but challenging, and we need to remain committed to support education for all. 

There are some critical areas for us to address: 

- Early childhood, special, and adult education 
- STEM, college, career and technical education 
- Student safety and wellness 
- Workforce development 
- Partnerships, parents and community engagement 
- Technology and facilities 

Let us not forget that it is our responsibility to provide quality educational opportunities to prepare our children as the incoming generation of professionals that will conquer the American Dream. With this vision, I humbly ask for your vote. Let’s make a difference. Join me at www.lorenacorona.com 

Lorena Corona: Leadership We Can Trust!