Leadership We Can Trust - Lorena Corona


Dear Neighbors,

I am Lorena Corona, and I am running for re-election because I believe we have a great story to tell in terms of the success of the Fontana Unified School District. We have come a long way, and we still have many challenges ahead of us. We are committed to the success of every child in every classroom; in every school. I am proud of our students’ success. I am proud of our parents’ commitment. I am proud of the hard-work of our teachers, staff, school police, safety officers, and management. Protecting and promoting our children’s education must remain our priority. I am running because I am committed to our children’s success and I am once again humbly asking for your support.
Beyond a list of accomplishments, I want to share with you a list of identified priorities:
Building Readiness: The Cradle to Career Road-map
·         Promoting early childhood education: innovation, programs and partnerships.
·         Addressing absenteeism to support academic achievement.
·         Aligning after-school learning with in-school learning.
·         Strategizing policy development, funding and advocacy.
·         Thriving together: STEM, career and technical education, college readiness, and workforce development.    
 Mind and Body: Students Safety and Wellness
·         Creating a healthier tomorrow by promoting school wellness.
·         Addressing the special needs of all students.
·         Engaging students and parents in safety and wellness campaigns.
·         Partnering to keep schools safe: students, teachers, staff and administrators.
Investing in Our Fontana Unified School District Workforce
·         Strategizing ongoing leadership development programs for teachers, staff and administrators.
·         Creating opportunities for current and aspiring teachers.
·         Promoting youth leadership development programs: building our own workforce.
LCAP: An Opportunity to Achieve Greatness
·         Expanding community engagement to successful partnerships.
·         Creating opportunities for all: inclusion, accountability and equity.
·         Promoting a rich curriculum, diverse electives, and advanced placement, career-technical, and vocational courses.
·         Upgrading our facilities with better technologies.
We certainly have great opportunities ahead of us. Join me in this journey because every child deserves the right to quality education. You and I can certainly make a difference. Re-elect Lorena Corona to the Fontana Unified Board of Education 2016.
Leadership We Can Trust!